Hot Boat is a delicious alternative to fast food
Brand Vision:
Hot Boat is all about enjoying your life without harmful effect on the environment and your health

We believe that the best food should be made from natural ingredients, which is why Hot Boat uses bio-dough and organic products
We want to share positive vibes of my country with the world
Everyone that tries Hot Boat can feel our positive energy and good vibes
3 values of Hot Boat: honesty, openness, enjoyment
We do business with integrity
Hot Boat is made in an open kitchen
Only natural ingredients are used for making Hot Boat
We are open
We are always glad to make new friends and opened for cooperations and partnerships
We are ready to answer all questions about the product and our business
We love to enjoy life
We enjoy every moment of life and want you to enjoy life with Hot Boat
Hot Boat is not only about delicious cheese boats.
Hot Boat is a friendly team of professionals who share the hot boat philosophy
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