Convenient format:
Boat shaped
Hot Boat made in a bot shape for a reason. Mix the egg and the butter into the cheese, then, tear the pieces of the bread and dunk them into the cheese first before you pop them into your mouth
Take away
Hot boat is easy to take out to eat it on the beach, park or at home
Gloves to each order
Hot Boat is easier to eat with your hands
We care about your safety and we put gloves to every order
Different tastes:
Classic Hot Boat
Classic Hot Boat is a boat-shaped freshly baked bread filled with melted cheese and egg yolk, a perfect Decision for Cheese lovers
Natural ingredients:
Each hot boat made of organic dough
we use only organic flour, which was grown and made without using any chemicals
3 main principles of Hot Boat:
honesty, openness,
We love to enjoy life
We enjoy every moment of life and want you to enjoy life with Hot Boat
We are always glad to make new friends and opened for cooperations and partnerships
We are open
We use only natural ingredients for making Hot Boat
We are honest
Other ingredients
There are other ingredients for your Hot Boat, such as bacon, salmon, chorizo, spinach , mushrooms
Hot Boat dessert
We made Hot Boat with Nutella, lovely decision for sweet-tooth
Organic ingredients
all ingredients that we use for Hot Boat are organic
All products are carefully selected
Our employees choose the products themselves to personally verify their quality
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