The Hot Boat chain has two restaurants, you can find their addresses in the «Restaurants» section. Choose the most convenient location for you and come visit us!
You ask us
Where can I try Hot Boat?
What dough are Hot Boat made of?
We use bio - dough, which is the most useful and less high-calorie. Only natural and fresh ingredients are used.
How to eat Hot Boat correctly?
The boats are eaten by hand, without the using knives or forks. To increase the level of comfort and pleasure, we provide a set of gloves for every visitor.
Is one Hot Boat enough?
Yes, Hot Boat is big and it will be enough to get one of them. It can be shared with a friend or your partner by eating from different ends.
What fillings does Hot Boat have?
We provide 7 different fillings. Hot Boat can be solid and sweet, depends on your taste. Check out the "Menu" section to find out all the information about what tastes we have.
What ingredients are used to prepare the Hot Boat?
Our chefs use only fresh products, purchasing them on their own from the market or farm.
Very cute design of place! Loved the colors!!
Boats are delish and pretty big
The Hot Boats are hot and delicious! Never tried something like this before. I definitely recomend it to everyone!! Thank u
Ive been to that place a few times
Loved the food and design. I really like the idea of using organic dough in cooking
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